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Did you know that fan wank is actually an anagram of Paul Cornell. 




The best thing about being a Doctor Who fan: learning the sheer joy of taking the mickey out of it and everything else you can get your hands on. 
This is DIY Sheep's story...



And we are not kidding. There have been reports of people having to hide in the photocopier room after reading this stuff at work. And in terms of skiving off at work this site is perfect -  crammed full of enough stuff to keep you busy for a week. Enough fan wank to kill off Paul Cornell, reviews from the bottom of a vodka bottle, alternate Big Finish guides so bizarre they defy description and there is also quite a bit about hats.


Thought for the day
'If Christopher Eccleston could flap his ears do you think he could fly?'
News Headline
'Russell T renames the TARDIS - TARDIC: time and relative dimensions in Cardiff.'
Updated (sort of) April 2006
DIY Sheep is happily downloading all the new episodes, er I mean... imagining the wonderfull nerdiness that is David Tennant through the sheer power of imagination - but wasn't Anthony Stewart Head creepy as bat headmaster guy... I bet he doesn't have a problem keeping the kids in line... and didn't Sarah Jane look sort of 'blow up'.
But I am sad to say, what with the court case and all  DIY doesn't have all that much time to devote to taking the piss out of Doctor Who, as DIY is too busy taking the mickey out of other things. So DIY has decided to expand the site a bit and basically turn it into a total piss take - Doctor Who related or otherwise. We hope you enjoy the new expanded service.

Total Tosser Productions

is where we stick all the cartoons. It is merely on another server as the bastards at Tripod won't upload my pngs and I'm not going through that again.

Quotes from happy customers:
'If I ever find that sheep it's dead.'
Paul McGann
'Hey you nicked that from Monty Python.'
John Cleese
'Personally I just loved the gratiutous use of swear words.'
Father James O'Malley
'Hey you nicked Father James O'Malley from me.'
Charles Daniels
'Sick little twisted anoraks. That's all I have to say'
The Doctor


Dear Sheep
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with your site. I am appalled at your blatantly anti-vegetable stance. Although personally I do not approve of the vegetarian lifestyle, some of my best friends have waved to passing carrots they see on the street. Sheep such yourself should be taken away and be made to watch many hours of British educational television. Blue Peter is what made Britain what it is today. 
Yours sincerely
Reginald F Crumpington Hyphen Smithe, RN (Ret) 

Read happy comments from satisfied customers about how much they love Doctor Who and learn the sordid facts behind DIY Sheep.

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