DIY Sheep versus Doctor Who and everybody else

Life, the universe and general mickey taking

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Undead Kennedy's are fun too

Our intrepid author meets one of the last few surviving Kennedy's.

Any Idiot Can: the web blog of the undead

Random ramblings of a derranged Doctor Who fan.

The adventures of DIY Sheep, Trusty and Sandy

My adventures involving myself a six inch and a hamburger...

If I ever see Sylvester McCoy again I am going to whack him one

That experience is one I want to wipe totally from my memory.

Cheerleaders are Ho's

My god a serious article - but it is about cheerleaders so it doesn't count.


The scary thing is that I actually look remarkably like this.


The scary thing is that John Howard also looks remarkably like this.

My good mate Trevor exposes Australian Intelligence