DIY Sheep versus Doctor Who and everybody else

It is not how good or bad it is, it is how much vodka you have drunk that makes the difference

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That suckered you in didn't it: Well don't get excited because this is where you find the reviews... no come back here - they are good, really... funny and sort of perverse - Actually they are just mostly perverse... and kinky... and they could never have been completed without the invaluable help of Mr Smirnoff?

An Unearthly Chav (the Aliens of London)

Rose (the really mean review)

Want to be a reviewer, but don't know where to start. Try my 'reviewing Rose for the everyman' and you too can pretend you are working for Doctor Who Magazine

Why the TV movie is actually really really cool

Jewel encrusted cricket gloves are just wierd and kinky: The Visitation - a not very informative review

Battlefield (horny knights and some serious gurning)

The Algebra of Ice: A girlie perspective (a book)

Scherzo (the Big Finish audio play)

Sylvester looks like Paddington Bear on Acid: Bidding Adieu (a documentary)

My Little Man (or why your Dapol figurine rocks big time)

Paris (aka The City of Death)

'I'm the only Time Lord in this universe': The Big Finish audio Caerdroia

Sylvester and Sophie kick Dalek butt: Rememberance of the Daleks

Can it ever be explained? Time Flight

Not the BBV: Strangers in the Night - Sylvester and Sophie go to Spooky Manor and dead people try to eat them

Ghostlight: No I don't know what it was about either

Picking Zagreus up, turning it up side down and giving it a good shake to see what comes out

Billy would have just hit him over the head with a rock... ah - for the good old days.

And just think of the sex - phoarr!

The Doctor Who Writers Handbook: Chapter 27 - It doesn't have to make any sense you know. The silly buggers will work it into canon somehow.

Ace and the Doctor 4 ever: Algebra of Ice

There is a theory in drama. All you need is one good bit and people will forget the crap bits and go away raving. Actually that is not a theory, I just made it up.
Whenever I think of this film I think of the park scene. People complain that McGann was 'Doctor lite', 'not quite Doctorish enough' and 'the diet cola of Doctors'.
But you can't always be a planet destroying sad sack can you. Sometimes you just have to take enjoyment from the little things in life - like well fitting shoes and having it off with Lalla behind the catering van during the City of Death. 

I love the bit where Sarah Sutton gets up Mathew Waterhouse for nicking her coffee.... the hatred runs deep.

Just like the old one, the new TARDIS is also completely impractical. There is nowhere to sit down, the place is full of sharp edges and of course it doesn't work.

Did you enjoy these reviews? Did they make you giggle and gurgle like the Master in The Deadly Assassin? Well clicky clicky here to read some non-Doctor Who reviews that I nicked from my column.

Want a really good Doctor Who review site: Robert Smith Question Mark's review site has over five and a half thousand reviews (yes I know we are a sad bunch of teddies aren't we). However if you are trying to work out which NA to buy next or just want to catch up on the latest BF - this is the site to go to: