DIY Sheep versus Doctor Who and everybody else

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Oh sod me no - look at those ears. Sticky outie is the phrase that springs to mind

Sitting in my darkened padded cell, er - room, pining for Paul McGann, I thought that I would never like the new series. But just like those ears, the new series is continuing to grow on me out of all proportions, until I find myself mysteriously standing in the middle of Toyworld trying to convince people that Barbie is merely an agent for the Nestine Consciousness.
And you know what is worse... I have started saying 'fantastic' every five seconds. Kill me now.
If I ever see GoRussell T Davies I am going to beat his head in with a shovel. And I mean that in a nice friendly, yet gratuitously violent way.

Christopher Eccleston was TEH HAWT, but now we love David Tennant: TRES NERDY!


A Tribute to the legacy of Christopher Eccleston: The Christopher Eccleston is Teh Hawt forum. Go on - you know you want to twiddle his ears

Ewen Campion Clarke 's new series guide

After managing to hack into the Australian defence satellite network Ewen Campion - Clarke actually saw the new series of Doctor Who. This is the terrifying result...


The Restaurant at the End of the World

Presuming Ed (far far too much Withnail if you ask me)

Dustbin (We are not defeated, only delayed. One day we will conquer and you will be our slaves.)


The Long Haul


Death Day (the sappy one where Rose's dad snuffs it)

Shell Shock (Hello Captain Jack!)

Funky Town (Bloody Cardiff again)

Everyone's a critic

The DIY Rose review guide

Stupidest Doctor Who forum thread titles


Random Dribble


Really disturbing things about Doctor Who

He's back... and he's kinkier than ever!

'It's all in the ears you know.'
The Doctor


'Oh I have to say I did fancy that last one. All velvety and 'tactile', if you know what I mean. But this one, with that skin head haircut and that dead sexy leather jacket looks all do-able in a rough trade sort of a way.' 
Iris Wildtyme


'Oh dear, that was a bit of a minger!'
Oh Gee poster

der waz a geezer called woo
gave da daleks a wright talkin too
he said I'm from der Norwf
so you can eff orwf
and yeah I am looking at yew


Even Daleks have trouble with passport photos. Thanks to the lovely Mike who came up with this one.