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An unearthly chav

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I’ll try not to spoil it, but I could detail the entire plot and it wouldn’t ruin the enjoyment of this episode. I had read the entire summary and I still had a grin stuck on my face from ear to ear when I watched this. Considering I am a nasty evil snobby intellectual chardonnay drinking wanker I have no idea why I enjoyed this episode so much.


It was ‘brill’. I am going to go out and buy myself a pink polar fleecie and a pair of addidas right now. And anyway - spoiler wise we know from the title that there are aliens. And what do aliens generally do? That is right boys and girls – aliens very rarely come to Earth on a package holiday to take in the sights. You know just once I’d like to see the Daleks go ‘stuff this invasion thing – lets go into catering and make a fortune’.


Why good writing is important


This episode is different from the last three. Why? It actually has a plot – a la mystery and suspense. And it works a lot better than – ‘oh look a bloody great alien invasion, fortunately Robin and I took our anti-alien invasion bat pills before we left home’, the ‘all we have to do to stop the nasty bitchy queen is get through the chompie crushie machines that serve no other purpose than dramatic suspense and push the big red button’, or the ‘let’s just blow everything up’ plot of yore.


So what happens is this…


Rose goes back to visit ‘er mum – theoretically roughly twelve hours after she left. Even the blind guy up the back can see where this is going. Something about ‘even broken clocks are right twice a day’ is a phrase that springs to mind.


And mum belts him one. I mean really belts him one. FANTASTIC. I once read this brilliant fan fiction story where the Seventh Doc took Ace back to see her mum…. It was hilarious – ‘yeah I like travel with this creepy old Scottish git who is into question marks’… And Ace’s mum was not happy… but anyway …


Chavs in Space – or rather Time Lord Chavs on the Sun Hill Estate: I keep expecting Reg to turn up.


Rose is the only ‘not over the top’ character on the estate. And I am counting the Doc here, although his style of Doctor works really well with the comedic tone of the episode. Which is why I had a problem with his performance in The Unquiet Dead. This episode bounces energetically from comedy to suspense like a hyperactive ping pong ball. The Unquiet Dead was more your horrorish genre and saying FANTASTIC and (I am going to say the word here – GURNING) every five seconds seemed a bit out of place. I can just see the boards in the future – who gurns the worst Sylv or Eccles?


Although to be fair to Mr E, his Doctor’s character is starting to become clearer – insensitive git, time traveling chav, little boy showing off, and dare I say - a hint of humanity? A changed Doctor, but still the Doctor in there somewhere. Has he had a mid life crisis and decided that he is only going to be Time’s Champion part time or is he just happy all that Eighth Doc angsty stuff is done with and is just out to enjoy life. Or is he just a little mad?


Some might say ‘a complete loon’ – I say a smug git. Later on I would like to see him in a situation where he was actually out of his depth. Which is why I am hanging out for Dalek by ‘Sheer Brilliance’ Shearman. That is the one thing that always bugs me about the Doc – especially the smugger ones – Yeah I know James Bond is going to save the world, but I always like a bit of doubt here and there. Not that I am saying we have to go completely NA, but I always like that line in Ghostlight where Sylvester says ‘even I can’t play all these games at once.’ So basically I am just itching for smugo Chris to be taken down a peg here and there.


But back to Rose. She may be a chav, but she is a well rounded chav. I am turning into a Billie fan. I get the feeling that the girl really put her heart and soul into this – and it shows.


Mickey or Ricky is still as unlikable as ever – I still don’t see what Rose saw in him, but now we actually have a reason for him being a git – so he can be insulted. It is like what they should have done to Adric all those years ago.


However all these delightfully chavvie down to earth characters are a brilliant foil for the Doc. Here you are – this nine hundred year old guy who can travel in time and space and your stuck in a council flat, wrestling a kid for the remote cos he wants to watch Blue Peter.


Actually this scene really made me think. What would the other Doctor’s have done? Now I normally loathe the concept of comparing Doctors, but in this case it amused me no end.


Billy just would not have been there in the first place. Let the buggers burn.


Pat would have had other things on his mind.


Jon would have thwapped the little oink around the ear when mum wasn’t looking.


Tom would have thrown the lovely little tyke out the window.


Peter would have sighed a bit.


Colin would have loved to have the opportunity to show he was much more than an assistant strangling homicidal git.


Sylvester would have scared him off with a Time’s Champion eyebrow.


Paul would have played happily with him – excited to find someone on his own bouncy wavelength


But Chris fights with him. So here we have a lot of weight for the ‘little boy’ interpretation of the Doctor that appears to be developing.


And I love the fact that all the main support cast think he is a git. Mum hates him, Mickey hates him. Mum is like the chav version of Lady Bracknell: ‘900 years old, can travel through time and space, but you don’t ‘ave a steady job do ya? I bet you’ve knocked ‘er up too!’


The only casting I couldn’t wrap my head around was some poor little scientist chickie babe played by Saffy’s Asian friend from Ab Fab – the one who used to go all hysterical and stalked Emma Bunting… I couldn’t take her seriously – especially when she saw the ‘alien’ and did her ‘Emma Bunting orgasm scream’ – I thought for a moment it was Emma in the spacecraft.


Fat people are really alien monsters


Well if Lawrence Miles thought the Unquiet Dead was bashing immigrants, this one bashes fat people. Is he a bit chubby because of too many éclairs or really an alien monster about to gobble me up? But never have I seen a bunch of aliens who enjoyed taking over the world quite so much. Not that I am saying that is what they are doing – perhaps it is all just some giant ‘Universes Funniest Alien Invasions’ set up and then at the end of the second episode some orange presenter is going to appear with a camera crew and the Doctor is going to be highly embarrassed.


Cybermen, Sontarans, Daleks – they are always soo serious. You never get the feeling they are actually enjoying any of this exterminating/enslaving/stuff. The Master was the only one who – even after twenty years – still found the whole thing highly amusing and could always be counted on to raise a chuckle, even after his evil plans had been foiled. You just have to give that guy points for stamina.


But these guys were having a ball. Giggling and gurgling their way through the episode as they bloodily maim and kill as if they thought the whole thing was one big joke. Well actually they don’t really do much maiming or killing, but I but they would enjoy it if they did.


Big bad McGuffin


And one thing someone pointed out that intrigues me cos I love McGuffins, was the big bad wolf thing. In three episodes there have now been references to a big bad wolf (and dare I say it, but in this episode we even had the little pig).


But in summary – so much bleedin fun!