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The Importance of Hats in Doctor Who: A Serious Reflection
Number 23 in the Oxford Doctor Who Lecture Series, 2004.
I feel that hats have played an overlooked part on the history of Doctor Who. I shall now elucidate...
For instance if one examines the series for instances of headgear a distinct pattern begins to form. Willian Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee very rarely wore hats and they are all now dead - a coincidence? I think not.
Tom Baker wore a hat quite a bit of the time and he lasted for seven seasons. However he was also as mad as a fruitcake. Was this hat related?
Peter Davison had a hat he could roll up and stick in his pocket. Was this a metaphor for his Doctor's characterisation?
Colin Baker did not have a hat, but no one ever noticed as they were too busy trying to come to grips with his coat.
Sylvester McCoy brought about a return to the hatted Doctor of the Baker years, but although he wore a lovely straw panama this apparently did not do him much good and the entire series was axed. Apparently the BBC (especially Michael Grade) were not happy with the hat. What might have happened if Sylvester had worn A DIFFERENT HAT?
And then we have Paul McGann - no hat (not even when driving that motorcycle at high velocity), nuff said.
Questions we must ask:
The Time Lords were notorious for their bad head gear. In the Ancestor Cell the Eighth Doctor destroyed their civilisation. Did he commit this act to defeat the Faction Paradox or was it just an act of mercy on behalf of the headwear fashion conscious everywhere?
Just what is canon when it comes to hats?
  • Do the Big Finish actors record their audios whilst wearing hats?


  • Would it be viable for Big Finish to produce an unbound series staring the Doctor's hats?


  • Would Peri's character have been improved by her wearing a hat? Say, perhaps a jaunty little beret?


  • Does Paul McGann's wig in the TV movie count as a hat and therefore should be included in canon?


  • During the Doctor's exile on Earth he worked for UNIT. Most of the UNIT people wore some sort of head gear. Could these be considered splendid hats, all of them?
Yes - I think this whole hat business raises some very interesting questions we should all consider...