DIY Sheep versus Doctor Who and everybody else

sometimes dreams can come true

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He liked Dream Jimmy. Even though he would try to curl up in a solitary ball, Dream Jimmy would uncurl him, draw him close and hold him just like the big nancy boy he was. Dream Jimmy didn’t mind if he cried a bit and made Dream Jimmy’s shirt wet.


But Dream Jimmy was a bastard too, just like the real one. Dream Jimmy would shake the little bottle and look at him mournfully. Damn you Dream Jimmy! But he would still murmur an apology into Dream Jimmy’s chest and promise not to do it again. Dream Jimmy would sigh and he knew he had been forgiven when he would feel Dream Jimmy’s hand on his hair – stroking it gently.


Then Dream Jimmy would hold him until he went back to sleep and all was well in the Dream Land of House.




House was out for the count. Wilson looked at his watch and then carefully untangled himself from the sleeping man and left the office.