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House's Hospital

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“Cameron,” he yelled into the meeting room. “Get in here – NOW!”


She came barreling in, only to find House standing over his desk with a look of extreme aggravation on his face. In his hand was the ball.


“What?” she yelled.


“It’s different,” he said eyeing the ball suspiciously.


That’s it, she thought. House has lost it. “What are you talking about? It’s still round and squishy isn’t it?”


He held it out accusingly. “But,” he said slowly as if explaining to a particularly slow child. “It is the wrong colour.” He paused for emphasis. “Again.”


She ran her hands through her hair in exasperation at her insane boss. “I don’t know.” She thought desperately. “Maybe Wilson repainted it or something – for a joke.”


“Why would he repaint my ball? It isn’t a god dammed rose bush from Alice and Wonderland,” he said evilly.


She threw her hands up. “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him yourself? He’s just out there on the balcony.” She pointed.


At this House’s eyes widened and he whipped around. “Balcony?”  He limped over to the door and peered out at Wilson, who was currently happily eating lunch on a deck chair.


“Cool,” he said as his eyes lit up. “I’ve got a balcony.”


A thought occurred to him. He could play hooky there. “Does Cuddy know about that,” he asked pointing to the offending piece of architecture.


“Yes I do,” came a voice from the door. He turned to find Cuddy standing there, looking annoyed. “And consider yourself lucky. I only got a courtyard.”


House looked at her thoughtfully over the ball of truly unknown origin. “Do ya think,” he said thoughtfully. “That if I wished hard enough I could get a Jacuzzi in the meeting room? Cameron in a bikini,” he wiggled excitedly. “Woof!”


“Don’t push it House.”